spiral-33x33 Hilaritas Press Authors

At the moment Hilaritas Press is busy preparing the release of books by Robert Anton Wilson. In the future we will be inviting adventurous writers with a RAW-like spirit to become members of the Hilaritas Press family. A coincidance too sweet to ignore came in the form of Bobby Campbell’s RAW ART: The Illustrated Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, which snuck into our lineup like a 23 riding a fnord. We had no idea that such good fortune would strike again before we finished all the new RAW editions, but after receiving a package in the mail from Daisy Eris Campbell (no relation to Bobby!), we were immediately seduced into adding one more author to the Hilaritas Press family sooner than we expected! Daisy’s Pigspurt’s Daughter just could not be delayed! Not too much later, we also had to add Daisy’s amazing adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger – Cosmic Trigger the Play! 

Who knows if another book will pop up before we finish all of Bob’s books – that’s the thing about a coincidance. In any case, scroll down to subscribe to the RAW Trust newsletter for future announcements.