Upcoming Authors

website-logo-hilaritas-smallHilaritas Press was created by The Robert Anton Wilson Trust to keep the works of RAW in print, and promote his favorite speculations about the nature of, well, seems like nearly everything (Uncle Bob connected a LOT of dots in his writing). In line with that mission, we have republished many of the RAW titles on our list, and we have published the works of a few other authors who happened to be in the immediate orbit of RAW (Bobby Campbell, Daisy Eris Campbell & Marlis Jermutus).

We are really excited about three other authors whose work we appear to be in the process of preparing for publication, but it’s way too early to say anything more than that unsatisfying teaser.

In the future we will be more actively looking for adventurous writers who are similarly interested in futurist ideas, unafraid of Model Agnosticism and willing to consider Guerilla Ontology. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.