A marijuana high can enhance core human mental abilities. It can help you to focus, to remember, to see new patterns, to imagine, to be creative, to introspect, to empathically understand others, and to come to deep insights. If you don’t find this amazing you have lost your sense of wonder. Which, by the way, is something a high can bring back, too. 

– Sebastián Marincolo 


Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement

by Sebastián Marincolo

Foreword by R. Michael Johnson

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Sebastián Marincolo has produced a landmark book on the widely reported mind enhancements experienced during the cannabis high. Using his own Guerrilla Neuro-Philosophical Approach, philosopher and polymath Marincolo summarizes more than 20 years of extraordinary interdisciplinary research and explains how cannabis can indeed be used for a whole range of temporary mind enhancements during a high, such as a stronger focus of attention, enhanced imagination, creativity, introspection, and empathy, as well as for a life-long journey of personal growth. Lester Grinspoon, one of the world’s most important and influential cannabis experts, was a mentor and friend to Marincolo and greatly endorsed his work, including an earlier edition of this book, about which he stated: 

“It was not until some years after I began these studies that I initiated personal use of marijuana and I gradually began to discover its capacity to enhance some of my capabilities. I have now arrived at the point where I view this substance as a nature-given blessing. And I am thankful that Sebastian Marincolo has provided us with his timely High: The Positive Potential of Marijuana which, as the reader will discover, does much to illuminate this wonderful phenomenon.”

Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Harvard Associate Professor Emeritus

“In Elevated author Sebastian Marincolo takes a deep dive into the many and various ways that cannabis can enhance conscious experience, stimulating greater creativity, insight and awareness. Drawing on history, psychology, popular culture and dozens of sources well known and arcane, he makes the case that cannabis is an ally, and a good one.”

Chris Kilham, medicine hunter and author of The Lotus and The Bud

“With the same masterful precision captured in his photography, Marincolo urges us to turn the lens inward. Elegantly, he maps his journey, reasoning and the process in allowing cannabis to take us to new heights in the exploration of consciousness. Elevated is a joy to read and will shine a light for the novice and the experienced user toward a pathway to the inner journey.”

Valerie Corral, co-founder of the first medicinal cannabis collective in the USA, Executive Director of WAMM Phytotherapies

Many of the photos in this book belong to Sebastián Marincolos large framed limited photo art edition The Art of Cannabis and can be obtained through his website: http://www.sebastianmarincolo.de/.

Here are four of the 30 color photographs in Elevated: Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement.

In this bonus episode, Mike Gathers chats with Sebastián Marincolo about his Hilaritas Press publication, Elevated: Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement.

Here’s the full cover of the print edition designed by amoeba.


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