This book is a tribute to the power of art to maintain and enlarge the human spirit. Her life is full of joy and terrible times, love and fear, liberation and desperation, and ultimately uplifting and powerful. Wonder to read, meaningful to reread.
– James Fadiman, Co-Founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Contact with Marlis, in person or through her art or literary works is expanding for everyone, and very healing for many.
– Leonard Orr, Founder of the Rebirthing Movement

Endearing, sensitive and precious. This book will open eyes and tear asunder illusions.
– Dr. Zaida Rivene, Naturopathic Physician

From Now to Now

Born into World War II
Liberated Decades Later

by Marlis Jermutus

Foreword by
Dr. Zaida Rivene

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Born in Germany during World War II, a beautiful young fatherless child picks flowers on the battlefield. At age four she befriends the pillaging Russian soldiers, and every man for years to come will appear as both father figure and invader. War, sexual abuse, and class insecurity awakens an extraordinary defense mechanism in the young girl. With laser-like attention to detail, she searches with searing honesty for meaning and compassion. Professionally trained in the exacting art of being a German housekeeper, she learns the lessons, but never conforms to a normal home life. Four husbands, many  lovers, friendships with icons of a counter culture, years in prison, years of painting astounding abstract art and playing abstract meditative music – and within every moment she finds the keys to a profound spiritual awareness.

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A message from the publisher, Rasa…

Marlis became friends with both Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary, first introduced to them by her old friend, Tom Sperlich. Tom was Bob and Tim’s European agent. Tom was also Bob’s German friend, “Tom,” mentioned in Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth.

Bob wrote:

Tom and I were headed for Berlin where he had another gig lined up for me, and we were, as usual when we get together, more than a little bit stoned . . . We talked for a while, and then Tom said, with a sixth sense developed by many trips through the D.D.R. “Here they come.”

In a minute or so, the Border Guard or Secret Police or whoever the hell they were pushed open the door of our compartment and barked and growled in German . . .

I suspect RAW enjoyed the stark contrasts in German culture between the harsh authoritarians and the soft but intensely artistic and intellectual energies of both Tom and Marlis – members of a European neurological and psychedelic renaissance.

Full disclosure from Rasa: I met Marlis in 1970 when I was 18, she was 28 and looked to me like a petite, pixie-infused, fashion model. She immediately enflamed my imagination, but that teenage “wonder” was a bit quelled when I met Marlis’ husband, Joachim, ten years older than Marlis, a towering blond former member of the Hitler Youth. Both Marlis and Joachim became close friends, but that contrast always seemed remarkable to me. Joachim had been moulded by the Reich to be a loyal soldier, and Marlis had been orphaned by the Reich, and was literally, as a child, picking flowers on the battlefield, unmindful of the horror around her, but both Marlis and Joachim were forever programmed by war. Marlis, among many other guides, credits Tim and Bob’s explication of the Eight Circuits Model of Consciousness for helping her find light and clarity. That’s only one part of her remarkable story.

So, since I sat with Marlis over a two year period translating her German and Denglish (Deutsch-English slang) into an English prose that we both think fairly captures her voice, I consequently have zero objectivity in judging Marlis’ autobiography. RAW’s daughter Christina, however, has some thoughts to offer. Read on…

A message from Robert Anton Wilson’s daughter, Christina…

My Book Review of From Now to Now by Marlis Jermutus

I love this book. As a mature woman of these times, as a childhood abuse survivor, as a hard worker, as a trailblazer, as someone who never wants to be boxed in, and has always wanted to do and be the best me I can, she spoke directly to my weary heart in so very many ways.

Her writing style is simple, yet elegant; first outlining her childhood of being born in Germany in 1942, and living through World War Two and its aftermath. Maybe because I know her a bit, this biography spoke much more deeply to me than others I have read, giving me a powerful glimpse into another woman’s reality. As her story unfolds, from hunger, hurts, and fears as a child, into her development as an adult woman, while learning of her joys and sorrows, you always feel her deep and abiding connection with nature, and the perseverance of her desire to create art. Both of which sang to me… as a sister of my Heart.

I get the sense Marlis’ art is as close or closer to her heart than breath itself, and it strengthened her, nurtured her, and helped her evolve as she struggles to share her own experience through a visual medium, and how that unfolds on her journey. Throughout her writings, Marlis expresses to me a strong and lovely sense of inclusivity; for life, for love, for knowledge, for recognition of the harms created by others blindly smashing through life, and for acceptance of people as they ARE, not how she “thinks” they should be.

Pretty amazing, and damned resourceful, how as a prisoner, she still manages to create art, and put on art exhibits, while incarcerated! I mean, I know a lot of artists, and have attended many showings, but absolutely none (til Marlis) where the main artist is escorted back to prison after the show!

The subtle tonality of the story changes as Marlis heals, adapts and grows, becoming ever richer and more direct as she sheds much of the poisonous shame and deep woundedness she carried for years, beginning to speak forth in clarity and strength. Every woman I know should read this, as should every man. Why? Because you will grow from the opportunity to learn of a human life well lived, one moment at a time.

I have to say this book has been a breath of fresh air, a manifested chime of love, and SO tremendously welcome to me during these times when it seems exclusivity is on the rise. I highly recommend it.

Marlis; You Rock!

In Deepest Respect and with Boundless Love, Christina Pearson


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