“Comedic, meticulously crafted genius and a joyful ride from start to finish”
– Theatre Box

“A joy to travel alongside her”
– London Theatre

“Pigspurt is a trickster, a provocateur, who incites Campbell junior to search for her real self by doing something that will surprise it into existence”
– The Reviews Hub

“The theatre needs this kind of dynasty”
– View from the Cheap Seat

“Magical, metaphysical, moving and magnificent”
– Shaun Prendergast

“This is the best. I loved it and was so inspired by it. Brilliant fascinating exquisite shit.”
– Nina Conti

“Fizzing with synchronicity, Pigspurt’s Daughter slices through the kipple like an expertly-wielded wooden tie, creating an ephemeral entropy embargo-cult whose sole aim is to Hail our cathartic truebadour Daisy Campbell, as she unspins her expertly-conceived fractal mind-dive. Five Pies.”
– Bloke on Twitter

“The funniest, most bizarre two hours I have spent in ages. What a brilliant performance!”
– Lynda Sebire

“Pigspurt’s Child is a wonderfully funny, intriguing, mesmerising and alarming show. Beautifully written and performed by Daisy Campbell, who invokes her father’s eccentric, anarchic spirit in many more ways than one. A fond memoir, and a stunning comedic exorcism. Seekers: seek it!”
– Terry Johnson, playwright of Ken, Prism and Hysteria (all Hampstead Theatre Productions)

Pigspurt’s Daughter


by Daisy Eris Campbell

Introduction by
John Higgs

Available in eBook and Print Editions!

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The astounding monologue of Daisy Eris Campbell’s celebrated one-woman show.

“The funniest book I have read in a long time,
but it’s also touching and oddly wise.”

– Tom Jackson, rawillumination.net Click here for the review

A full color edition with photographs from the live performance plus a special section of Campbell family photos. In addition to John Higgs’ introduction, this edition also contains Jason Watkins’ review of Pigspurt’s Daughter which won the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism 2019.

Director, actor, writer, Daisy Eris Campbell grew up in the lunatic world of her father, master storyteller Ken Campbell, described by The Guardian obituary as the most original and unclassifiable talent in British theatre of the past half-century. Daisy was literally conceived backstage at her father’s 12-hour staging of Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s epic production of Illuminatus!, in which her mother Prunella Gee played Eris, the 50-foot Goddess of Discord. In Pigspurt’s Daughter, Daisy presents a surreal and comedic monologue that magnificently continues her family legacy of lunacy.

Prior to Pigspurt’s Daughter, Daisy adapted and directed Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger in 2014 and 2017 in Liverpool and London to great acclaim. She also directed The KLF’s comeback, Welcome to the Dark Ages. She worked with her father for many years on productions, notably directing the world’s longest play The Warp, and a West-End run of Macbeth in Pidgin English, Makbed. Pigspurt’s Daughter is her first solo show.

Here’s the full cover of the print edition designed by Richard Rasa.

Here’s the full cover of the print edition designed by Richard Rasa.

Also from Daisy Eris Campbell . . .


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