Eulogy for Robert Anton Wilson
delivered by Alan Moore
at Queen Elizabeth Hall,
London, March 2007

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

by Robert Anton Wilson

Foreword by Gregory Arnott,
Afterword by Bobby Campbell,
RAW Eulogy by Alan Moore

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THE GREATEST MOVIE NEVER MADE!?! No director could capture it, no film could contain it, coming soon to the mind’s eye within you: The Walls Came Tumbling Down! – A modern American story about the terror of accidentally stumbling into the cosmic circus of other-worldly consciousness, with no map or clue how to navigate the abyss and safely return home. What’s your exit strategy for Chapel Perilous? What will you do when the walls tumble, the doors of perception fly open, and your brain is suddenly free from the limits of “mind”? What’s the real truth about reality? Read on and get some clues . . .

“Robert Anton Wilson limped out through the wall into the fire, into the simultaneous party of eternity, into the splendid, timeless funfair of a life that he has somehow managed to survive with thirty-five books weaving his ideas in their spectacular diversity, weaving his luminescent consciousness into the intellectual DNA of our painfully slow-developing society and dancing somewhere with his wife, back when he could still dance and she was still alive. ” – Alan Moore, author, occultist, and anarchist

“With his humorous rapier, Wilson pokes and prods our misconceptions, prejudices and ignorance. A quantum banquet.” – Ray Tuckman, Broadcaster, KPFK Radio

“The most important philosopher of this century” – Timothy Leary, Ph.D

We’ve included three new essays in this edition…

a new foreword by Gregory Arnott

a new afterword by Bobby Campbell

and the full text of the Eulogy for Robert Anton Wilson
delivered by Alan Moore
at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, March 2007

Here’s the full cover of the print edition designed by amoeba.


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