Eric Wagner on Beethoven & RAW – Episode 12

In this episode, we chat with teacher, author, and RAW scholar Eric Wagner on Beethoven and Robert Anton Wilson.

An Insider’s Guide to Robert Anton Wilson (Eric on Amazon)

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Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Ryan Reeves 

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Whether one is transported out of one’s habitual Realty Tunnel to the multiple-choice labyrinth of Virtual Reality by marijuana or by Charlie Parker or by sexual orgasm or by meditation or by Picasso or by King Kong or by the Wicked Witch of the West, the experience has a quality of timelessness and liberation about it. One feels less mechanical and seems on the edge of grasping what the mystics mean by “Awakening”; sometimes, especially with Beethoven, one almost feels that one will never forget the “absurd good news” (as Chesterton called it) of that Awakened state. 

Robert Anton Wilson
Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth

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