Oz Fritz – Episode 15

In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with underground sound engineer Oz Fritz on the deeper influences of Aleister Crowley and James Joyce on Robert Anton Wilson’s fictional prose.

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Oz’s blog:

RAWIllumination.net’s Tom Jackson interviews Oz and includes a detailed bio of Oz’s sound career:

Robert Anton Wilson:Transmission of Baraka:

Oz’s album of recordings from around the world:

Oz’s plays himself in a brief cameo in Les Claypool’s Jam Band mockumentary Electric Apricot:

Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Ryan Reeves 

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…the distinction between “magick” and “communication” exists only in our traditional ways of thinking. The uncanny Egyptians attributed both inventions to a single deity, Thoth, god of speech and other illusions.

In the existential world — in the sensory-sensual continuum — Thoth still reigns and language still has magick. All communication contains sorcery and/or hypnosis, because humans use howls, snarls, yaps, purrs, gargles, gurgles, etc. — noises of many sorts — to create a neuro — semantic “grid” projected upon all incidents and events. We generally call these grids languages.

– Robert Anton Wilson, Email to the Universe

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