Episode 23: Rev. Ivan Stang

In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with the Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the Subgenius.


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Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Ryan Reeves 

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Q: What’s your connection with the Church of the SubGenius and its deity J.R. “Bob” Dobbs? 

A: Well, Rev. Ivan Stang told me I was one of his main inspirations — but maybe he says that to all writers he wants to get on the good side of. There are a lot of my ideas in the SubGenius mythos, so maybe “Bob” was named after me . . . Maybe I should start using the inverted commas? 

– Robert Anton Wilson, Email to the Universe

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  1. Gregory A Kuchmek
    Gregory A Kuchmek says:

    Since the demise of the Hour Of Slack, I’ve missed having a tiny little Stang in my ear. A lot. Alas, there are countless hours floating around the web; so that helps. But they’re not NEW. This is NEW! New Stang is GOOD. Thank you!!


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