Episode 27: Wayne Saalman – Aliens, UFOs, and The Journey Across Forever

In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with novelist, poet, painter and song writer, Wayne Saalman, @waynensaalman, about aliens, UFOs, and more in his latest book, The Journey Across Forever,


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RAW’s Intro to Dream Illuminati “Dreams of Flying”: https://rawilsonfans.org/dreams-of-flying/

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Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Richard Rasa

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The Journey Across Forever

A Magical Mystery Ride through the Prism of History in a Search for the Answers to Humanity’s Highest Dreams.

The Journey Across Forever is a powerful collection of writings detailing the author’s metaphysical insights and paranormal experiences over the decades as he traveled the world in a quest for truth and enlightenment. Topics under discussion include the profound mysteries of consciousness, precognition, karma, reincarnation, the “Phenomenon” (UAPs), the Dreamtime of the Aborigines, Hermeticism, alchemy and the ‘secret knowledge’, shamanism, psychotropics and the three forms of magic. Saalman reveals what the physicist, the mystic and all seekers of truth have in common and explains why climate change, the power of social media, the threat of “apocalyptic” politics and the nefarious appeal of the dark web are a spiritual challenge for each of us. Above all, The Journey Across Forever deeply explores why it is crucial that we heed the words, here and now, of those who have had a near-death experience if we genuinely believe in the reality of spiritual immortality and wish to make our way to higher dimensions upon our own exit from this planet. In the meantime, the author argues, a Brave New Aquarian Age of promise is ours for the making if we really want it and are prepared to do what it takes to secure it.

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