Episode 31: Joseph Matheny – Reality is What You Can Get Away With, magick, ritual, method acting and more…

In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with Joseph Matheny, multidisciplinary artist and explorer of both the wilderness and the esoteric. Joe was an old friend of Robert Anton Wilson (Joe was also Bob’s chauffeur for a while), and he was talking to Bob a lot when the book Reality Is What You Can Get Away With was published, and part of the efforts in trying to get the screenplay produced.

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• Joseph Matheny’s website:

• Exploring Ong’s Hat:

• Incunabula Research Center.:

• Robert Anton Wilson’s “The I in the Triangle”:

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Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Richard Rasa

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Joseph Matheny with Robert Anton Wilson in Nina Graboi’s garden in 1990.

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  1. dennis marshall
    dennis marshall says:

    Excellent !
    Remembering what one is supposed to be and then allowing it to play forward as your life while downloading more and more information that what was not yet known.


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