Episode 30: Vincent Murphy on Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with RAW Lucubrator and Guerill-AI Ontologist, Vincent Murphy.

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• Vincent’s Brainstorm:

• The Upcoming AI Future | Kevin Kelly | The Tim Ferriss Show

• Kevin Kelly on The Many Positive Possibilities of Generative AI

• Will A.I. Make Us Smarter?

• Debating the Future of AI: A Conversation with Marc Andreessen

• AI Will Save The World with Marc Andreessen and Martin Casado

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Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Richard Rasa

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I blanche and baulk at ‘AI Consultant’ or any such nomenclature as AI is a case in point for Uncle Bob’s dictum that if you think you know what’s going on you’re probably full of shit – Ironically one of the few certainties of AI is, despite having staggering general predictive capabilities, it’s utterly and absolutely useless at predicting its own future (who, even two years ago would have imagined it would be art and creativity at the forefront of the AI donnybrooking when all the money was on hard science and math?). Thus every job title associated with it is increasingly a placeholder on an ever emergent evolving map that simply marks where we are with increasing irrelevance to where we’re heading. – Vincent Murphy

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