Phil Farber on Magick, NLP, Crowley & RAW – Episode 11

In this episode, we chat with Meta-Magician Philip Farber on Magick, NLP, Crowley & Robert Anton Wilson.  Phil is the author of several books, including High Magick, a guide to Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism.  He’s also a regular speaker at the Starwood Festival and other events.   .

Host Mike Gathers

Producer/Engineer Ryan Reeves 

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He remembered Abraham saying, during one of their conversations, “Magick is just the art of changing the focus of consciousness at will.” With drugs and repetitious chants, Antonio and Sigismundo had both experienced such shifts in focus. It could even be done by ritual alone; a cripple had walked out of the Cathedral, healed, only a few months ago, after a Solemn High Mass. 

Dr. Vico said every country was a group of people living in a common myth. Uncle Pietro said every “club” had its own myth. If every myth is a metaphor, as Vico also claimed, then the Key was just a system to experiment with alternative metaphors . . . Sigismundo stopped himself at that thought. I will end up committing worse heresies than the Alumbrados if I am not careful, he thought. 

Robert Anton Wilson
The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles
The Earth Will Shake

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