Alfred Korzybski – Episode 1

For our first episode we talk with artist Dom Heffer, artistic Editor of Etc; the Journal of the Institute of General Semantics, about the life and ideas of Alfred Korzybski and the implications of general semantics on every day life.

You can contact Dom and see his art at

For more information on the Institute of General Semantics or to become a member visit

Along with Mike Gathers and Eric Wagner, this episode features special guest host Gregory Arnott.

The audio clip at the beginning of the podcast is Robert Anton Wilson speaking at the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture at the Harvard Club of New York City, Nov. 7, 1997.
Click here for the whole lecture.

Download the podcast . . .

A diagram of Korzybski’s
Structural Differential.

(click to enlarge)

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  1. tony smyth
    tony smyth says:

    I really enjoyed that discussion. I’m another who got to Korzynski via RAW. I must admit I had trouble getting through the Kodish book, never mind the Polish Count himself. Anyway I feel inspired to revisit Eprime and maybe get the Tyranny of Words book. Great interview. Thanks

  2. Todd Bennick
    Todd Bennick says:

    I may be missing it, but is there a way of downloading this podcast? I generally prefer to listen to podcasts while walking or driving, and Youtube makes that difficult. Also, wondering if this podcast might be coming to an app like Stitcher? Looking forward to diving deep into RAW’s mind as held in different hands. Thanks for this!

  3. Olga
    Olga says:

    A message sent to…

    I was just checking out your latest Hilaritas Podcast email and thought I’d pass this info on as this was the FIRST full memoir (and longer full book text) written entirely in E-Prime published by the University of Queensland Press in 2017.
    The author Brentley Frazer received very little attention from this because he is based in Australia.

    ‘An artist’s true journey from blindness (or, what we call youth) into glimmerings of sight (coming of age). The writing is wonderful, and the writer lives in the tradition of the Beats, yet has managed to create something new through his use of the E-prime constraint.’ Dr Venero Armanno, author of Black Mountain and The Dirty Beat

  4. greg
    greg says:

    Wow! What a great podcast! Honestly, I put listening off for some time because I generally loathe most podcasts that I attempt to listen to! Mainly because they’re hosted by white guys that laugh wayyyyy too much at their own jokes and then talk down their noses to us about how much more they know and how big their “collection” is of (insert esoteric topic here). So, that you ever so much for avoiding all of those annoyances of mine!
    The discussion was level, informative and contagious. I’ve never read Korzybski, but have read tons of RAW and am now heading to the local library to remedy that!
    I am really looking forward to more episodes!


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