Wilhelm Reich – Episode 2

In this episode, we chat with Dan Lowe about the life, work and ideas of Wilhelm Reich. Dan works as a counsellor, therapist and educator in London. He has been studying Reich since discovering him through Robert Anton Wilson over 25 years ago while at university. Dan’s clinical work as a therapist is heavily informed by relational therapy and Reich’s somatic therapy.
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Mike GathersCheck out this new video from host Mike Gathers on
Pursuing Reichian Therapy in 2021

Robert Anton Wilson wrote passionately about the trials of Wilhelm Reich, most notably in his books, The New Inquisition, and Wilhelm Reich in Hell (to be re-released by Hilaritas Press).

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Reichian Links…

The Wilhelm Reich Museum: wilhelmreichmuseum.org
– Reich Museum Youtube channel: youtube.com/user/wilhelmreichtrust

American College of Orgonomy: orgonomy.org

The Institute for Orgonomic Science: orgonomicscience.org

Hellenic Institute for Orgonomy:

Armand Vechetti on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwMrQlT22DX8cKP_P38UHvA

Natural Energy Works (James de Meo): youtube.com/user/naturalenergyworks

Reich’s Listen Little Manvidyaonline.org/dl/listenlittleman.pdf

Fury On Earth: A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich:

Reichian Therapy YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCziZ5Oc96aEp735kJupZLiA

From the Reichian scene in Mexico: centroreichiano.com.br

A talk on midwifery and the birth process from a Reichian perspective from Peter Jones: youtube.com/watch?v=SKkSkbbIaTk
– Peter’s Youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCCKGmIvcrOdn1t_8V-d7QSA

Practitioners and therapists:

• Harry Lewis (New York): drharrylewis.com

• Daniel Schiff: dschiffphd.com

A page on “Looking for a Reichian Therapist”

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