An Afternoon with RAW – 2002

I am delighted to present audio of an afternoon with RAW in 2002 combined with a selection of musical recordings by past collaborators and myself. The recording exhibits the brilliance and good humour of RAW, and with luck can inspire thinking individuals to pick up one of his books and read him. The future of humanity may depend on it, or at the least your sanity.

Interacting, processing – the Maybe Logic Academy

Toby’s Philpott’s reflections on the Maybe Logic Academy dovetails nicely with the new Afterword written for the Hilaritas Press edition of Prometheus Rising. A bit of Toby’s correspondence with RAW appears in the new Afterword. The MLA no longer exists, but lives on in the memories of the participants, and in their words and actions, so influenced by their MLA experiences of Model Agnosticism as presented in Bob’s inimitable style.

Keep the Lasagna Flying by Paul Krassner

Since the late 1950’s when Robert Anton Wilson first wrote for Paul Krassner’s uncompromising satirical journal The Realist, the two were close friends. I asked Paul if he might write something for the launch of Hilaritas Press, and after a few attempts and emails back and forth, Paul decided he wanted to rework the piece he wrote in honor of Bob in 2007. After editing and adding some new paragraphs he sent us this wonderful and enlightening new version.