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An Afternoon with RAW – 2002

By Steve Fly Agaric 23

“It’s like Lao Tzu said: “The more laws they pass, the more criminals they create, and the more weapons they create, the more terror stalks the land”—the more clearer the explanations, the more frogs fall out of the sky.” — Robert Anton Wilson.

I am delighted to present audio of an afternoon with RAW in 2002 combined with a selection of musical recordings by past collaborators and myself. Poet activist writer and friend John Sinclair, very generously edited the full transcript of my interview, to accompany the audio, presented below. Thanks John. The recording exhibits the brilliance and good humour of RAW, and with luck can inspire thinking individuals to pick up one of his books and read him. The future of humanity may depend on it, or at the least your sanity.

Three cheers for Hilaritas Press, and the directed efforts of Christina, Rasa and all those helping to forward the ideas and works of Robert Anton Wilson, both outward and inward. Rereading and re-listening to him lately, I feel doubly optimistic about the progressive changes that can come from acting upon his works, for each generation that discover his reality labyrinth a whole new set of meanings emerge, updated. His good willed writings remain relevant in 2016, evidently ‘news that stays news’, and his deep principles at the root of the human condition, equally meaningful and relative today as when they were conceived. Yesterday-today-tomorrow wisdom bound in globally oriented manuals for change, maps with which to build peaceful communications and remove the excess bullshit, testament to immortal teaching technique: epic, funny, tragic, daring, anti-authoritarian. Our man.

‘Cosmic Trigger I’ ‘Prometheus Rising’ and ‘Quantum Psychology’ are bubbling over with solutions to help evolve all-around-the-world humanity toward an intelligent, compassionate co-operative society. Plus, the new forewords and afterwords provide fresh insights and new directions in coherence, ten years after he left the stage.

‘Keep the ravioli in orbit’

— Steve Fly Agaric 23

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